Aarhus Edition

Down below you can find all the objects and stories collected in Aarhus, Denmark. The stories are written in a collaborative process and are either translated by the participants themselves or by a professional translator. New contributions will be added to the website regularly.

Ataani tungaani atortut oqaluttuallu Århus-imi katersorneqarsimasut nassaarisinnaavatit. Oqaluttuat suleqatigiinnikkut allanneqarput, peqataasuniit nammineq nutserneqarnikuupput imaluunniit nutserisartuniit nutserneqarlutik. Atortut nutaat pilersinneqartut ingerlaavartumik nittartakkamut ikussunneqartassapput.

Nedenunder finder du alle de genstande og historier, der er indsamlet i Aarhus, Danmark. Historierne er skrevet i en samarbejdsproces og er oversat af enten deltagerne selv eller af en professional oversætter. Nye bidrag vil blive tilgængelige på hjemmesiden løbende.

36 · Quiet but Unyielding

I wear this Greenlandic necklace made of gold every day and it constitutes my wish to represent Greenland in the […]

35 · I Want to Know More

Being creative in various ways is a hobby of mine and it keeps me calm and relaxed. In Greenland, women […]

21 · Sustainability

This scarf is from Qiviut, a company in Greenland that creates products made from musk ox wool. So these products […]

19 · Hey Greenlander!

This is a CD from Atsinnermiut, my band. It’s important to me because I invested so much time and energy […]

17 · Festival of the North

This T-Shirt is from the Arctic Sounds Festival and was designed by the Greenlandic fashion designer Bibi Chemnitz. I have […]

16 · Global and Local

I work on a lot of different projects all the time and my entire knowledge is in this laptop. If […]