Nuuk Edition

Down below you can find all the objects and stories collected in Nuuk, Greenland. The stories are written in a collaborative process and are either translated by the participants themselves or by a professional translator. New contributions will be added to the website regularly.

Uani atortut oqaluttuallu Nuummi katersorneqarsimasut nassaarisinnaavatit. Oqaluttuat suleqatigiinnikkut allanneqarput, peqataasuniit nammineq nutserneqarnikuupput imaluunniit nutserisartuniit nutserneqarlutik. Atortut nutaat pilersinneqartut ingerlaavartumik nittartakkamut ikussunneqartassapput.

Nedenunder finder du alle de genstande og historier, der er indsamlet i Nuuk, Grønland. Historierne er skrevet i en samarbejdsproces og er oversat af enten deltagerne selv eller af en professional oversætter. Nye bidrag vil blive tilgængelige på hjemmesiden løbende.

Like Father, Like Son

· Like Father, Like Son · I wrote this book together with my father – Hendrik Mørch. The title, Kinaassuseq, means identity […]

The Concept of Being Good

I found it such a strange idea to provide a physical thing that says something about how I want to […]

The Future

I decided to bring a notebook, a pen, post-its and a highlighter because they all represent one thing for me: […]

Rise Again

I wanted to choose something alive at this exact moment. When a flower dies, it becomes part of the earth […]

A Cultural Bond

These are my red kamiks and they originally belonged to my grandmother. They were passed on to me because I […]

One Shot is All You Get

The camera on the left is an analogue camera that I borrowed from a friend. When it comes to the […]

My Family and I

When I was thinking about what to bring, these two things came up immediately. The object on the left is […]

The Time We Live in Now

This book is a story about Greenlandic mythological creatures. My best friend Maria is the main author of this book, […]

A Good Balance

This ring is made by Nadja Arnaaraq Kreutzmann who is a goldsmith apprentice at a jeweler in Denmark. Her designs […]


The future should know that I am not good with flowers. I am horrible at it. Me and my fellow […]


This is a Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera with a 27mm pancake lens and to the left you can see a 30-year […]

Feeling Connected

I got this guitar plectrum at the Atlantic Music Store here in Nuuk. Music is very important to me and […]

Care for One Another

This bracelet was given to me when I was visiting Szeged, Hungary. Szeged is the home of my favourite men’s […]


This is a picture that I made myself when I was in art school. It is a Cyanotype which refers […]

From Nuuk

At Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland, there are not a lot of students from Nuuk that I have met. Often […]

Lonesome Rider

My oldest brother David gave me the skateboard for my birthday and three months later it got run over by […]


Since I was a little girl, I liked to collect any kind of rocks that I found outside. I really […]


These are the two things people always recognize me by. The first one is a pair of glasses and the […]

Music is All You Need

I usually use my phone for music and nothing else. But since I am in high school now, I also […]

A Reminder

I bought this silver cross at Unik, which is a local shop here in Nuuk. It was a gift for […]

Special Connections

I got this Ukulele from my Dad for Christmas in 2016 and its colour always reminds me of a sunburst. […]

The Fighter

These are my medals for participating in Qajaq competitions. I won the round one in the Nuuk city championship and […]

A Birthday Gift

This necklace is a birthday gift that I got in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a fishhook pendant carved out […]

Inside vs Outside

My grandma used to tell me that the way you feel on the outside translates back to how you feel […]

Family Tradition

I got this bracelet from my family for my confirmation. All the small pieces that you see have an individual […]


This is a box that I made myself and normally I use it for storing my jewelry. It consists of […]

The Traveler

I bought the skull in a market in Chiapas, Mexico where I spent a year of exchange. Mexico has a […]

A Creative Soul

I made these earrings using thread, metal and three different kinds of beads. They are very special to me since […]

Three Card Monte

If anyone ever asks you to play Three Card Monte with them, say no! Because for sure you are going […]