Nuuk Edition

Down below you can find all the objects and stories collected in Nuuk, Greenland. The stories are written in a collaborative process and are either translated by the participants themselves or by a professional translator. New contributions will be added to the website regularly.

Uani atortut oqaluttuallu Nuummi katersorneqarsimasut nassaarisinnaavatit. Oqaluttuat suleqatigiinnikkut allanneqarput, peqataasuniit nammineq nutserneqarnikuupput imaluunniit nutserisartuniit nutserneqarlutik. Atortut nutaat pilersinneqartut ingerlaavartumik nittartakkamut ikussunneqartassapput.

Nedenunder finder du alle de genstande og historier, der er indsamlet i Nuuk, Grønland. Historierne er skrevet i en samarbejdsproces og er oversat af enten deltagerne selv eller af en professional oversætter. Nye bidrag vil blive tilgængelige på hjemmesiden løbende.

40 · Rise Again

I wanted to choose something alive at this exact moment. When a flower dies, it becomes part of the earth […]

38 · A Cultural Bond

These are my red kamiks and they originally belonged to my grandmother. They were passed on to me because I […]

31 · A Good Balance

This ring is made by Nadja Arnaaraq Kreutzmann who is a goldsmith apprentice at a jeweler in Denmark. Her designs […]

30 · Roots

The future should know that I am not good with flowers. I am horrible at it. Me and my fellow […]

28 · Feeling Connected

I got this guitar plectrum at the Atlantic Music Store here in Nuuk. Music is very important to me and […]

26 · Qanilaarneq

This is a picture that I made myself when I was in art school. It is a Cyanotype which refers […]

25 · From Nuuk

At Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland, there are not a lot of students from Nuuk that I have met. Often […]